Welcome to CC-Escrow Service

CC-Escrow service is a trading service with a small but very capable team started by Alamin and Priyo
It creates an Escrow service that you can trust to provide prosperity and class for many years to come.

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This is just phase 1. We are planning to do something big. We will create automated escrow service in near future! While regular exchanges have daily withdrawal limit and you need to verify your identity, CC-Escrow will allow unlimited deposits and withdrawals and will never require identity verification.
Come and join us and get to know the power of escrow and how easy and safe it is to use escrow service for cryptocurrency!

Getting Started now

Our goal is to make use of escrow service for cryptocurrencies as simple as possible!

Strategy Solutions

CC-Escrow is committed to following upstanding and moral code to ensure the happiness and security of all entities.

Dedicated Support

CC-Escrow services is expanding every day allowing for newer and better things to come in the future.


We put a lot of effort in making our reputation. Our team if fully trusted on major forums such as Bitcointalk.

Accepted cryptocurrencies

CC-Escrow services provides excellence while also providing a security and simple way to trade your cryptocurrencies allowing a verification system that makes use of blockexplorer for their trading systems.
Currently the accepted form of trade is Bitcoin, Litecoin, DASH and Ethereum and continue to add support for other Mainstream and Alt cryptocurrencies alike.

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Here at CC-Escrow our goal is to be the simpliest escrow service on the market.
We also plan to bring innovation to the market and bring world first features to the bitcoin escrow ecosystem.


A bitcoin escrow process you can go through in 3 quick and easy steps. Its so simple you will wonder why you have never heard of us before.


We charge a small flat escrow fee of 1% on all escrow transactions. If your trading amount is too big, we will try to reduce the fee as much as we can [minimum is 0.25%]. We even offer you the ability to split the fee with the other party.


You can create an escrow transaction in minutes and view the status instantly. We strive to respond to support requests as soon as possible.

Meet Our Team







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